Services links

Borrowell  Free credit score. I did this. It was easy and no problems.

Dental Clinics Evangel Hall   Regent Park

DNA tests  Free DNA tests are sometimes available to encourage participation in surname projects.

Fongo  Free phone number. I have this. It works great.

Hair Cuts haircuts  St. James Cathedral

Second Career  Ontario government program.  “Get skills-training and financial support when you qualify for Second Career.”

TTC free streetcar rides Sundays noon to 5pm ride the old 509 Harbourfront streetcars for free. Ends Labour Day, 2017.

TTC routes where you still need a paper transfer Don’t pay twice!

Vaughan Mills shuttle bus Our exclusive 55-passenger shopping shuttle provides free seasonal round-trip transportation from Toronto’s Union Station to Vaughan Mills twice a day.  The Vaughan Mills Shopping Shuttle operates between June 1 – September 30 and returns November 24 – December 26* for convenient Holiday shopping!